The security level of your data depends on these four key features that when combined provides the most efficient way of ensuring that your organization remains safe from today’s risks.

Choosing the right solution, vendor and product while taking into account all the other elements within your infrastructure will help provide a stable and secure operating environment.

As Safeway, we offer our customers best of breed products, understanding that choosing the right product must be based on the technical requirements and total cost of ownership.
In offering the right solution Safeway takes into account the following factors:

  • Technical  requirements from the solution – making sure that all business features are available and can be supported by the product
  • Total cost of ownership – taking into account that in addition to the initial cost of the product the TOC also includes maintenance, support and downtime costs
  • Return on Investment – understanding that the investment made must justify the enablement of your business
  • Uptime – Verifying that infrastructure stability is maintained at the highest level

With the added value of assigned PMO (Project Manager Officer) to each project that enabled the customer to have a single point of contact during the implementation stages. Both administrative and technical issues are managed by the PMO and reduce overall integration times.
Each integration project is followed by these key deliverables:

  • Documentation – comprehensive records of all aspects of the project are provided to the customer in order to better understand the implementation and better support the infrastructure.
  • Training – understanding that proper staff training is valuable to maintaining a first level of support on-site that will minimize down time of mission critical elements.
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