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We are providing comprehensive solutions to organizations and companies involved with information security and cyber services.

Work confidently with Safeway

Safeway is the leading Israeli integration company in the field of information security and cyber services. We conduct complex, cross-organizational projects to generate the most suitable solutions for your organization’s needs.

Our goal is to protect your company around the clock and become one of your most trusted business partners/advisors.

We emphasize adapting technology to business, regulatory requirements and adapting to the ever-changing cyber threats in Israel and around the world.

Safeway provides professional, high-quality solutions with industry leading professionals in the face of growing and sophisticated cyber threats.

This is how we will protect your organization.

Areas of activity

We will ensure your organization's security. We provide consulting and accompaniment services to create tailor-made protection solutions and provide solution implementation.

Risk management and resilience tests

We provide applicative and infrastructural resilience tests to chart information security system efficacy. We also offer risk analysis and compliance preparation for organizational and regulatory requirements.

Cloud protection

Enjoy the benefits of the cloud. Our advanced solutions and infrastructure protections (Saas, Iaas) are integrated into both hybrid and cloud configurations.

Cyber architecture

We can construct a roadmap for characterization, establishing protection systems, and identifying anomalies, all based on your organization's needs and cybersecurity requirements.

Network protection

In a world of serious cyber-threat, we choose solutions to systematize and implement effective defense systems in cross-organizational projects.

Emergency service agreements

Round the clock organization protection with a 24/7, highly skilled, and professional response team ready to manage any information security incident.

Service and maintenance

Your organization's information is in good hands. Our maintenance services will give you full and comprehensive support for all your operating systems.

Information security management service

Risk identification, identification of weaknesses, timely warning, and response to regulatory requirements, in full cooperation with the organization's relevant parties.

Employee placement

We help you find the most suitable employees for every position. At the same time, we maintain your organization's information systems with the support of a professional team that provides 24/7 solutions.

Technological solutions

SafeWay provides an advanced surrounding for all information and cybersecurity needs using advanced technological solutions tailored to the organization's demands

Our range of technology solutions

CASB – Multi Platform Security

Protecting the cloud environment so you can safely upload to the cloud

Endpoint Security

Securing all usable endpoints in the organization

EDR & Next Generation

Reinforcing the protective walls and preventing damage

Data Base Security

The “eyes” that protect the database in the organization

DLP and Sensitive Data

Sensitive information security, prevention, and real-time response

Server & OS security

Protection of servers and information with physical and virtual resources

Mail Security

Email protection that forms the basis of communication in the organization

Network Security

Wireless network security at weak points of cyber systems

Web Security

Securing networks and creating safe browsing from any device

SIEM and Big Data

Information security and event management for Big Data protections

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Our Partners

Our partners have developed the most advanced systems of any company in the field. Thanks to them, we can bring you a wide range of the most advanced and appropriate protection solutions.

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