Server & Storage Security

The information in your servers and storage units must be protected. We will ensure the protection of your virtual information and physical resources. We’ll develop a secure infrastructure strategy to keep you fully protected from cyber threats. We combine safety security methods for both your mainframe and storage to create resilient data privacy. We will protect your resources and account for future changes.

Server & Storage Security

First, we start by learning about your organization. It’s critical to evaluate the potential threat factors to make appropriate recommendations. Next, we will transparently create a protection outline. Once approved, our program implementation is fast and well-organized. Our technicians continue to support clients with enterprise-class outsourcing employee placement.

Server & Storage Security protects your organization’s information, both on a physical device or a virtual platform.


Prevent damage to your organization from unauthorized people

Server & Storage Security prevents unwanted parties from accessing your organization’s information and causing damage. We protect your information by understanding the threats, adding layers of protection, and continuously monitoring organizational activity. Ongoing protection layers will include implementing software and systems for tracking cyber threats and alert the administrator and prevent cyber-intrusion.

Safeway protects your organization. We locate the weaknesses, examine the organizational resources at-hand, and create a plan of defense. Once the plan is devised, we will execute and provide thorough monitoring for future cyber threats.

Safeway gives you a wide range of solutions:

Virtual patching, hardening

Advanced local IPS solution

Signature-less security

Application isolation

Agentless security

Operation system security

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