DLP and Sensitive Data - Securing sensitive data and preventing data leakage

Organizational information is sometimes sensitively packaged based on their conditions. Unauthorized users or hackers often infiltrate organizations to access sensitive data for nefarious purposes. We understand the sensitivity of organizational data. We understand the weak points where hackers break-in. We know how to implement the required security systems to keep your organization safe.

DLP and Sensitive Data

Sensitive data has a life course that travels both inside and outside the organization. In other words, attacks can emerge both from within and outside the company. Maintaining the security of data and company information involves protecting both inner and outer threats to the organization. We ensure this protection by cataloging information. We track data, mapping, and defining organizations’ assets. This surveying helps us understand which hostile elements will attempt to breach your organization. From this, we can implement effective frameworks to defend your organization.

DLP and Sensitive Data include the ensured protection of all data traffic. The goal is to maintain sensitive data by identifying organizational weaknesses ahead of time, immediately alerting any attempted leak, and stopping it in real-time. All this to minimize the damage done by day-to-day operations.


Protecting any data, anywhere

In the DLP and Sensitive Data process, the goal is to catalog the information and protect the data leakage wherever it is. As systems progress, more points contain sensitive information under certain conditions. Hackers and hostile elements will look for loopholes to access this information. We will prevent them in advance.

Safeway protects all your organizational data, wherever it may be. The data can be at the company’s endpoints; it can be in the employees’ emails; it can even be in chat conversations. Every point must be examined to apply a suitable layer of protection and perform ongoing maintenance.

In the process, we will protect all the organization's data:

Application Firewall

Full network analysis and visibility

Network forensics

Lateral movement


Network access control

VPN access



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