Endpoint Security

All computers and devices are susceptible to online damage. All it takes is one person determined to infiltrate the software. Malicious hackers are trained to hack computer systems in a variety of ways. Because of their ever-developing cadre of hacking skills, security organizations must continuously monitor and maintain organizational information. It’s the only way to ensure long-term safety.


Software is the most effective way of protecting information. However, choosing the right software is difficult. Technicians must choose between antivirus software, anti-spam, or continuous protection systems. A combination of these technologies allows employers to work without restrictions.

Endpoint security is founded on understanding your organization. We’ll examine your activity modes to locate vulnerabilities, understand potential threats, and find effective software solutions. Our goal is ensuring protection and monitoring for every device without compromising your day-to-day interactions.


We will apply the most appropriate endpoint security solutions

Each organization has different technical needs with specific information specifications. The software solution depends on these different qualities. We will take the time to listen and understand the problem, create a practical solution, and implement it. We want to enable your organization to function smoothly and safely.

Endpoint Security is flexible. We want to provide you organizational security on your terms. Let us know how many computers and devices your company is using and what software is currently installed. Safeway provides ongoing solutions for the customer’s changing needs. We will company you through

Safeway provides endpoint security solutions that include:



Active protection

Advanced local IPS

Local Firewall



Application control

Whitelisting & Blacklisting

Change control

Device control

Passive threat detection

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