E-Mail Security

E-mail gives your organization the most convenient and simple way to communicate. However, e-mail involved a variety of complex and complicated dangers. Malicious hackers and malware can harm your organization by sending direct spam, sending infected files, or by fostering an unfavorable image of the organization.

E-mail protection is the basis of any organization. It includes a wide range of cyber defense. E-mail access must always be monitored. This includes mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Any device running the organization’s e-mail server must be monitored. High response systems are critical when organizational users’ information is at risk. These systems can send alerts and respond quickly without compromising day-to-day operations.

E-mail Security concentrated on three levels of protection. First, we protect e-mails that enter from outside. Second, we protect e-mail from leaving the organization. Our goal is to prevent any damage from contacting your organization. Every employee and every device receiving or sending e-mails will be protected.


Finding the best solutions for your organization

We want to find the right solutions for your organization to ensure all activities continue smoothly and without disruption. We will analyze your organization, define the challenges it faces, and recommend the best defense systems to provide ongoing data security.

Safeway accompanies your organization on a regular, partial, or emergency basis. Let us know what you need. E-mail data protection is a significant weakness among many organizations. Our goal is to secure and protect your organization.

Safeway gives you a variety of E-Mail Security solutions:

Full mail diagnostic




Advanced content analysis zip bomb

Reputation analytics

Sandbox for mail

CDR – Content Disarm & Reconstruction

(Domain security (external

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