Employee Placement

Information security, communication systems, and cyber risk management require professionalism. Employee placement services enable your organization to enjoy full security. We concurrently facilitate the fast recruitment of top-tier employees, saving both time and resources.

השמת עובדים

Information and cybersecurity should be in good hands. Every decision in this field requires deep understanding, professionalism, and extensive experience. Along with dealing with hostile elements, the organization must also deal with information security and communication systems management regulations. It is therefore essential to find the right and most qualified employees to face your organization’s challenges.

Our employee placement service also allows you to quickly hire qualified employees. We’ll make sure your new employees are learning, receiving training, and continuing to consult with our professional resources. We make it a priority that your employees experience professional growth as they adapt to their job, and work environment.


The Safeway team is at your disposal

Safeway takes care of you from start to finish. We specialize in identifying your organization’s needs. We know how to find the right employees for even the most specific task. We will tailor the right employees for your organization. We’ll apply the knowledge and experience to make the right connections — this will to allow all team members to collaborate in a positive and productive way.

 Our goal is the security of your information systems. We will make sure to connect you to the most aptly qualified specialist. We will provide ongoing training and are at your disposal as needed.


Employee placement service will save your organization’s resources

We provide placement of employees as needed > Personal and professional adaptation programs according to the changing requirements of the organization > Full accompaniment and ongoing training > Safe organization and secure information

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