Cloud protection

Using cloud infrastructure has become routine and has brought new threats and attempted harm that poses a real danger to the organization.

הגנה בענן

Cloud security requires procedures and routines to manage new threats and attempts at cyber violence. These dangers are real organizational threats.

Many cloud solutions are necessary. Some solutions are advanced, such as Iaas, Saas protection solutions. These must be implemented in both a hybrid configuration and a full cloud configuration. Information security in the cloud is different from securing internal organizational infrastructures. It requires advanced solutions with specialized implementation.

Israeli regulations are stopping all types of companies and businesses from joining cloud services. As a result, some completely avoid advanced solutions. Some merely upload in small virtual ecosystems.

We provide cloud service solutions CCSM – Cloud Cyber Security Services that allow you to pick up a protected cloud environment that will “talk” to the existing physical environment.  Our services are always helpful, even if the organization is partially invested in cloud services (or not at all).

Our mission is to give you the confidence to join the cloud safely. We do this in a hybrid configuration, spot characterization, and by assimilating the best defense systems.

The Safeway team specializes in accompanying cloud climbing and implementing protection systems

Safeway takes care of you and your information, no matter where you are. Our specialization in MCSM – Managed Cyber Security Services allows us to provide you with technical solutions on demand. These services ensure a stable cloud configuration and upload security regularly. Our professional team will review an organization’s needs to consider regulatory requirements and recommend solutions. They will accompany the information security process from start to finish, no questions asked.

Cloud technology continues to grow, evolve, and serve more organizations and companies. Our professional team understands developing cloud technologies and protection solutions. We understand the regulations necessary to fulfill an organization’s needs. We will evaluate risks, find the right solutions, and implement the winning process.

We are here for you also in the cloud

Accompanying ascent to the cloud > Locating weaknesses > Recommending and implementing solutions > Accompanying from the planning stage to implementing the technological solution.

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