Information Security Management Service

Information security management includes risk management, identifying the organization's weaknesses ahead of time, and addressing regulatory requirements.

שירות ניהול אבטחת מידע

Organizations need to avoid danger to keep their information safe. This is vital for itself and its customers. There are many malicious and dangerous threats to cybersecurity. This is your opportunity to establish foolproof protection policies with your customers. This policy determines how they conduct themselves properly. The policy will serve as an outline for future decisions to help your company grow and adapt.

Our professional information security management service works for your organization and with your organization in full cooperation with key personnel. We work hand in hand with your employees. Alternatively, we provide outsourced placement and response services. As part of the process, we will analyze your organization’s needs to understand its weaknesses and plan a roadmap that will help your organization stay safe and protected.

Safeway Team for Information Security Management

Safeway is at your organization’s disposal. We can you to operate safely with state-of-the-art protection against any attempts to hack into your information systems. Whether it’s industrial espionage, Trojans, and others or otherwise, we’ve got you covered. As part of this service, we’ll be sure to understand your various regulatory requirements.

Our team is at your disposal. We can take care of you as if you were one of the employees within our own organization. We guarantee full and fruitful cooperation with every employee in your information security department. You will receive the best staff available as needed.  Our recruitment services will save you resources recruiting and managing additional employees.

Outsourcing Information Security Management

Understand the full requirements > Locate the organization’s vulnerabilities > Establish full cooperation policies with existing employees > Outsource staff

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