CASB – Multi Platform Security

Cloud applications allow organizations to run quickly and efficiently. The drawback? Cloud app expose organizations to new hacking threats and malicious agents.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) is a security application. It enables organizations to operate securely. The application is designed to detect weaknesses in security policy settings. It protects organizations while allowing them to operate in the cloud.

CASB systems are a protective layer. They filter and encrypt all transmitted information as it is uploaded to the cloud.

Deciding on an organizational security system takes wisdom and experience. One needs an in-depth understanding of how to operate security systems and identify the dangers. We can find the best solutions for dealing with cyber threats. Our goal is to protect your cloud environment, assist the safe transfer of information, and prevent those who pose a threat to your organization.


Protecting every component and point in the organization

Using the cloud can lead to a significant organizational shift. The shift requires you to protect yourself from vulnerability. CASB solutions secure the transfer of information between the cloud and the various factors to the organization. Sometimes more than one solution is required. Usually, a set of solutions in tandem provide organizations with complete data security.

Your organization is safe with Safeway security. We spot the gaps In your security systems, examine the policy, and conduct cloud security tests. Once we identify the challenges, we recommend the right solutions. We will protect you and allow you to take advantage of the cloud safely and efficiently.

Safeway provides comprehensive solutions for all information in the organization:

Protection of the cloud environment

Protection of all work environments and applications

Protection according to customer requirements

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