Database Security

An organization’s database is its most sensitive element. Threats to the database cause irreversible damage. These problems are recurring and cost businesses small fortunes to fix. Constant monitoring of the data is necessary for reliable security. Any security violation must be identified immediately. Protective layers of security prevent cyber threats from harming your organization.

Database Security is “keeping an eye out”. We monitor operations to ensure that no malicious entity infiltrates your organization’s database. We start by examining the organization’s current security system. The next step is identifying weaknesses and analyzing existing data leads. Finally, we make recommendations for security solutions. The solutions will be implemented to prevent hostile elements from infiltrating the database.

Our goal is to prevent access to the database. Furthermore, we want to eliminate intrusions and attacks attempts on the organization. Our observation and analysis techniques will help strategize and implement protective frameworks around your organization.


Monitoring the database as a basis for maintaining the organization

Safeway fully takes care of one of the most sensitive areas of the organization – the database. We will first identify the weaknesses and then eliminate potential security loopholes. We will recommend the most advanced and suitable solutions for the organization. We account for standard regulations and the organization’s limitations. Importantly, we will assign specialized experts familiar with your company’s field.

We build effective tech solutions to meet the exact requirements of any project. We will provide recommendations for safe policies for the organization, assimilate the appropriate solutions. If you want, we will accompany you after project completion with outsourcing and employee placement services.

Safeway provides Database Security:

SQL injection prevention

Virtual patching for data base

Ransomware protection for data base

Full data base auditing

Buffer overflow and attack protection

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